Oliver Neubert is a childen's fiction author, based in Vancouver, BC.

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Writing for:

  • Middle Grade Readers
  • Young Adult Readers
  • Inquisitive Minds
  • Creative Thinkers
Writing about:
  • Adventures
  • Coming of Age
  • Life Skills
  • Fantasy
  • Betrayal
  • Friendship

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The Wind of Life: The Wanderers

e-book & paperback available now!

Rider, a fourteen year old Wanderer, has found shelter among the dead willows, the haunted place of the Flatlands. He is suffering from the abuse of his tyrant father, but his connection to nature and the elements keep him sane. He has a special gift that allows him to run with the antelope and to communicate with the animals. When he helps a young woman escape from a group of deadly hunters, he discovers that the mysterious, hated Flyers still exist. Drawn by curiosity and instinct, Rider uncovers a serious plot lead by his father to murder innocent children and to go to war against the Flyers. Rider has to stop his father and luckily he is not alone. One of his enemies is looking out for him, but will this be enough or will Rider be crushed by this father?

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