Oliver Neubert is a childen's fiction author, based in Vancouver, BC.

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Writing for:

  • Middle Grade Readers
  • Young Adult Readers
  • Inquisitive Minds
  • Creative Thinkers
Writing about:
  • Adventures
  • Coming of Age
  • Life Skills
  • Fantasy
  • Betrayal
  • Friendship

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The Wind of Life: The Flyers

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Timo, a fourteen year old flyer, lives in the mountains with his mother. For years, the Flyers of the Mountains have been enemies of the Wanderers of the Flatlands. To stop the old law: "Those who are born without wings have to die", Timo is dragged into a plot where he must learn to use his special gift to bring the two misunderstood races together. As Wardor, the leader of the War Flyers, learns about the plot, he will stop at nothing to kill everyone involved. In her search for her missing brother, Val and Timo become close friends, but will they survive the impending war or will Val's brother be lost to the old law?

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