Oliver Neubert is a childen's fiction author, based in Vancouver, BC.

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Writing for:

  • Middle Grade Readers
  • Young Adult Readers
  • Inquisitive Minds
  • Creative Thinkers
Writing about:
  • Adventures
  • Coming of Age
  • Life Skills
  • Fantasy
  • Betrayal
  • Friendship

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Chantel's Quest for the Enchanted Medallion

A mysterious vengeful spirit threatens the Four Lands and twelve-year-old Chantel must recover four ancient relics in order to stop it. Her quest for the second relic, the Enchanted Medallion, takes her into the unforgiving desert, where the Warlord of the South is waiting to capture her.

Will Chantel outwit this Warlord, save the Wise One of the South, and find the elusive Etam Luos, who can reveal the hiding spot of the Medallion?

Meanwhile, Chantel's toughest battle lies within herself, as she discovers a secret ability that tempts her to stray to the side of the evil spirit. Luckily, her old loyal companions, a warrior mouse and a fox bat, as well as some new friends, help her on this daring adventure.


Reviewed by:

  • CM Magazine
  • CM: Canadian Review of Materials - Published by The Manitoabe Library Association

Reviewed by: Catherine Yezak, Special Education Teacher

" I just finished this book. This is definitely a 5. Chantel's journey isn't only the journey of a little girl trying to have an adventure. It mimics an adult trying to decide what is right and wrong with the world. Chantel is learning that not everything is as it seems - is Owl actually evil? Is Aquila remembering what it is like to be good? What will happen to Laluna? There are many more questions that I'm looking forward to finding out. What I love best about this book is that it is such a good read-aloud. The kids will definitely be paying attention. It is also good to start different type of discussions: friendship, the environment, how do you know what to do in a difficult situation, the difficulties with trying to be perfect. This book covers everything and I recommend it for all ages. "

Reviewed by: Loonhiker from The Picnic Basket

" I think both boys and girls will enjoy reading this book. Even though it says it is appropriate for ages 8-12, I could see it being used for middle school students as well as high school special education students. In my classroom, I could see using this book as a way to teach character education (loyalty, trust, simplicity). I also think it had rich vocabulary to use with my students. The obvious lessons would be about good vs. evil, darkness vs. light and loyalty vs. betrayal. This book has so many uses for the classroom and would be a valuable tool. "


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